The word Sapphire is derived from the Greek word "sappherios" which means "precious gemstone". Sapphires bring prosperity to the person who wears it.

Sapphires come in a wide range of natural colors and shades. Sapphires are available in every color but red.

Sapphires colors other than blue are often referred to as fancy sapphires. Our gemstones are perfectly shaped and cut in dimension.

Product Details:

-Gemstone: Natural Sapphire.

-Gemstone Size: 7X5 MM.

-Weight: 0.81-1.47 Carat Per Gemstone.

-Weight: 0.82-1.37 Carat Per Gemstone.

-Lot No: MLTSP-4A

-Lot No: MLTSP-4B

-Code: VH(BW)

Lot No.



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7X5 MM Light Blue Sapphire Ova...

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