Natural Citrine is a gemstone of manifestation, imagination and personal will. Citrine brings the energy of warm sun that is comforting, life-giving, and encouraging.

The gemstone awakens your hidden creativity, allows you to see things in a clearer state, encourages the new beginning, and helps you pursue your happiness.

Apart from its healing quality, it is believed by most people to attract luck and success in business.

Product Details:

-Gemstone: Natural Citrine.

-Shape: Trillion.

-Weight: 2.20 – 2.90 Carats Per Gemstone.

-Lot No: CITRINE-4

Gemstone size

9.2×9.2×5.5(H), 9.1×9.1×6.5(H), 9.2×9.2×5.9(H)

Carat Weight

2.34 CTS, 2.90 CTS, 2.20 CTS


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9X9 MM Natural Citrine | AAA Q...

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