Natural Aquamarine is a blue gemstone and is one of the most beautiful and stunning gemstones found on Earth.

Natural Aquamarine is a “Gemstone of Courage and Protection”. The soothing energy of Aquamarine makes it a perfect companion to calm fears.

These Aquamarine are perfect to make beautiful Earrings, Rings or Pendants. Natural Aquamarine is a March birth gemstone.

Product Details:

-Shapes: Oval.

-Size: 6X4 MM, 7X5 MM, 8X6 MM.

-Carat Weight: 0.3-0.45 Carat Per Piece (6X4 mm)
0.5-0.7 Carat Per Piece (7X5 mm)
0.8-1.1 Carat Per Piece (8X6 mm)

-Lot No: AQ64OV-4(10),AQ75OV-4(12),AQ86OV-4(12).


6×4 mm, 7×5 mm, 8×6 mm


2 Pieces, 1 Piece


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Aquamarine Oval 6X4 | 7X5 | 8X...

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