Unleash the Timeless Beauty of Garnet Gemstones – Perfect for Jewelry Making | Pear-shaped Gemstones in Exciting Orange and Yellow Shades | 10.3×8.4×5.1 mm, 3.37 Carat per Gemstone Approx.

Looking for a timeless gemstone with a rich history? Look no further than garnets. These ancient gemstones have been prized for their stunning appearance and abrasive properties since the Bronze Age. From the ancient Egyptians to the Romans, garnets have adorned jewelry and signet rings for centuries.

Today, garnets remain a popular choice for jewelry making due to their versatility and beauty. With a range of colors and varieties available, including purple, red, orange, and yellow, garnet gemstones can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any piece of jewelry. And with a durability that stands the test of time, garnets are an ideal choice for a range of settings and designs.

If you’re searching for a unique and eye-catching gemstone for your jewelry collection, look no further than garnets. Measuring at 10.3×8.4×5.1 mm and weighing approximately 3.37 carats per gemstone, these pear-shaped beauties are the perfect addition to any jewelry design. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or a subtle accent, garnets are sure to impress.



Stone Details:

  • Stone Size: 10.3×8.4×5.1 mm
  • Shape: Pear
  • Weight: 3.37 carats per gemstone approx.




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